Mobile Printing Solves a Problem for every business

Mobile printing solves a problem for every business

Post by Dhara Parikh

You can print to a networked, web-enabled printer using mobile printing from any mobile device. You can print anything and everything with mobile printing solutions, including emails, web pages, documents, and photos.In addition to increasing convenience, mobile printing boosts productivity and lowe...

 Is the IT industry a booming industry in India ?

is the it industry a booming industry in india ?

Post by Dhara Parikh

Yes, India's IT industry is flourishing. India is actually recognized for having a strong IT sector that is growing yearly. This sector of the economy made for about 7.7% of the national GDP. At the moment, more than 1000 startups and 500 IT companies are expanding quickly.Despite the Covid-19 epide...

How is barcode printer useful in the modern era?

How is barcode printer useful in the modern era?

Post by Dhara Parikh

A barcode printer is a computer add-on that prints barcode labels or tags onto tangible items that can be either directly printed on or connected to. Barcode printers are frequently used to print UPCs or EANs on retail products or to label containers prior to shipment. Label printers also need to ha...

Scope of Barcode Scanners in Advance Technology

Scope of barcode scanners in advance technology

Post by Dhara Parikh

Achieving operational accuracy and efficiency requires integrating barcode scanning technology into business processes. By reading multiple barcodes at once, barcode readers enable suppliers, employees, customers, and other stakeholders to efficiently manage information and locate products with spee...

POS Device for Restaurant & Retail

Pos device for restaurant & retail

Post by Dhara Parikh

Pegasus has introduced a solution for retail and restaurant purposes to make easy and fast billing work. We have a POS device that can make it easier for every owner. It is available in android and windows versions both, but at present android version is popular because it’s easy to work on android ...

Can Barcode Scanners read Phone screens?

Can barcode scanners read phone screens?

Post by Dhara Parikh

Yes, new technology barcode scanners can frequently decode barcodes shown on smartphone screens. Barcode scanners can now successfully read barcodes from a variety of surfaces, including smartphone displays, thanks to advancements in technology.The majority of barcode scanners, particularly those us...

How we can use Data Collector for Inventory

How we can use data collector for inventory

Post by Dhara Parikh

In today’s generation, Automated data gathering can improve warehouse efficiency, assist businesses manage inventory, and increase supply chain transparency. Businesses can profit in a variety of ways when inventory management systems are connected with their current accounting and tracking systems....

Why to Choose US?

Why to choose us?

Post by Dhara Parikh

Pegasus Turnkey Solution is a well known manufacturing company of barcode scanners, receipt printers, mobile printers, point of sale, mobile computer, labels & rolls etc. which is owned by Mr. Neeraj Purbia. Depending on the situation, the sector, and the distinctive value proposition of th...

RFID for Inventory Management & Asset Tracking

Rfid for inventory management & asset tracking

Post by Dhara Parikh

Pegasus Technologies introduces RFID to fasten and easy your work and management of your assets and inventory. In the modern era we can see all are using advanced technology to manage their business in that we have a solution for all businessmen who are running their business. In this RFID Solution ...

Women, Leadership, and Their Missed Opportunities

Women, leadership, and their missed opportunities

Post by Dhara Parikh

When it comes to leadership opportunities, women historically confront substantial impediments. Despite recent advancements, there are still a lot of leadership chances for women across many areas that have been lost. These are some of the major causes of these lost opportunities:Gender Bias: Implic...


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