The Best Barcode Scanner PS1146 - The Times of India

The best barcode scanner ps1146 - the times of india

Post by Junaid Sheikh

The PS1146 Handheld Barcode Scanner is a corded 1D Barcode Scanner that can be used in a wide range of industries with its high scanning performance and large work area. The PS1146 captures data quickly and accurately, helping to get jobs done quickly and effectively. It features laser barcode scann...

Why Should your Business Need Electronic Payment System

Why should your business need electronic payment system

Post by Nikhil Jangir

Why Should your Business Need Electronic Payment System Over the Past Few years Electronic Payment System has been Popular So Much. And because of it, today 80 % of businesses use Electronic Payment Machines to Complete their online transactions. If we are see around us then we will see that To...

Kitchen management solution for Restaurant and Cafes

Kitchen management solution for restaurant and cafes

Post by Dhara Parikh

In the modern era, the new generation is so much addicted to outside foods. All restaurants and cafes have so much rush on every weekends. To avoid rush and maintain proper systems we have a software solution. We are providing solutions for restaurants and cafes for better kitchen management. That s...

Best Barcode Scanners  For Shops and Business

Best barcode scanners for shops and business

Post by Nikhil Jangir

Pegasus PS1146 Barcode Scanner- Pegasus  1D barcode scanner Pegasus PS1146 is designed for 1D barcode. Effectively scans barcodes in sunny or dark environments or on curved surfaces. PS 1146 Available in manual and automatic scan mode. It can decode all major Barcodes, including GS1 Databar. T...

How barcode scanner enhance   your business efficiency

How barcode scanner enhance your business efficiency

Post by Nikhil Jangir

1. Barcodes Significantly Reduce Human Error Companies, storage, and other installations that calculate on homemade data entry suffer from high occasions of human error. It's each too easy for workers to reverse numbers, skip a line, misread a number, or use poor handwriting that others can no...

How To Choose the Best Barcode Scanner?

How to choose the best barcode scanner?

Post by Nikhil Jangir

What is Barcode Scanner A Barcode scanner is a device that Captured and   Reads information behind barcode Lines. A barcode Scanner Works By directing a laser beam of light across the standardized tag and estimating how much light is reflected. The dim bars on the scanner tag mirrorle...

Benefits Of Using Online Billing Solution: POS System

Benefits of using online billing solution: pos system

Post by Nikhil Jangir

POS online billing Solution is the greatest revolution which billing software had seen till know and it made the billing as easy as eating a pie. POS online billing software improves clarity in your accounting transaction in your business industries. This increases productivity of industries and als...

POS Problems & Solutions

Pos problems & solutions

Post by Nikhil Jangir

Let us face together the general problem we face at the time accessing POS system. POS Details Not Accepted during 1st Login:-  Differentiate between regular letters and capital letters and twice check for spelling mistakes. Sometimes we enter space between letters accidentally. Check for the...

How Barcode Scanner Help in Business

How barcode scanner help in business

Post by Nikhil Jangir

They eliminate human error Barcode scanners reduce the possibility of Human Error When data is entered manually into systems, there are high chances that there will be typos on product names and some numbers and letters may be skipped. With an identification scanner, the manual entry will be e...

Benefit of Using Barcode Printer for Your Business

Benefit of using barcode printer for your business

Post by Nikhil Jangir

What is Barcode Printer A scanner tag printer is a machine that is intended to make standardized identification marks. These marks are connected to various items for different purposes by independent companies and numerous enterprises also. For the most part, two strategies are engaged with the sca...


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