Pegasus IR-988 is a multifunctional infrared thermometer that could be used to measure the temperature of humans, surfaces, and animals. It can quickly measure the target temperature and display the accurate measurement results in 1 second. You can easily Measure Your Skin Temperature Within a Second. This Multi-Purpose Thermometer Is Measures  Temperature From 3.5cm With 100 % Accuracy

Non-Contact LCD Digital Thermometer Fever Handheld Infrared Forehead Body Thermometer

- Multi-purpose: can measure human body temperature, skin temperature, surface temperature, liquid temperature, bath water temperature, rice cereal, etc..

- Fast and Accurate: 1 second accurate temperature measurement, measurement deviation up to + / - 0.2 Deg.C.

- Non-contact: 3-5cm measurement distance, without contact with human skin, healthy and safe, to prevent cross-infection.

- 3 Colors back light to warn high temperature.

Model No.

IR-988 Clinical Infrared Thermometer 




Approx. 125g(exclude 2 AAA batteries)



Body Temperature Range


Object Temperature Range



32 Groups

Response Time

<2 Second

Working Environment

Ambient temperature: 16 ℃ -35 ℃; Relative humidity: ≤85%

Transport and Storage Condition



34.0-34.9 °C: ± 0.3 ℃; 34.0-42.0 ° C: ± 0.2 ℃ ; 42.1-42.9 ° C: ± 0.3 ℃

Display Resolution


Voltage Source

2 x 1.5 V; Battery size AAA

Automatic Power Off

≤15 seconds


1 pc in a colour box

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Pegasus IR-988 Non contact Infrared Thermometer Temperature gun Download

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