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Why Should your Business Need Electronic Payment System

Posted by Nikhil Jangir September 28, 2022, 12:40 pm

Over the Past few years, the Electronic Payment System has been Popular so much. And because of it, today 80 % of businesses use Electronic Payment Machines to Complete their online transactions. If we are see around us thee will see that Today Every Business Adopt Electronic Payment System to Make their Transaction more secure

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Best Barcode Scanners For Shops and Business

Posted by Nikhil Jangir June 16, 2022, 12:52 pm

Barcode Scanner is one of the most important essential devices . They have logging and indexing items very easily. Barcode scanners come in various Sizes Forms and shapes. Barcode Scanner is a very effective device to track Items Inventory and it’s helping you to track Inventory. Like How many quantities are sold. How much quantity do you have and other parameters. 

But as much these things are keep importance that well as this thing is Also matter How much your barcode scanner is good? So Today we will discuss About some best Barcode scanner that is made for You

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Benefit of Using Barcode Printer for Your Business

Posted by Nikhil Jangir May 5, 2022, 12:46 pm

The standardized identification printer has turned into a standard piece of office gear that no cutthroat business can manage without. standardized identifications have become the norm for a bunch of purposes across all enterprises, assisting organizations with making special identifiers as effectively as buyers, frequently utilizing only their cell phones, can understand them. Yet, for a really long time, private ventures specifically depended on outsiders to configure, make and convey standardized identification names for use in delivery and stock control. With a standardized tag name printer, the power is currently in the possession of organizations themselves, which prompts decreased costs and expanded adaptability. So Today In This Blog We Will Know About What is The barcodes Printer, And How They Work"? So Without Wasting Time Let's Get Started.

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How To Choose the Best Barcode Scanner?

Posted by Nikhil Jangir April 19, 2022, 7:43 am

Every Business Needs a sensible Device that may help in business growth. Inventory management may be a very big problem for all businesses, and a barcode scanner could be a Very Helpful Tool in a very business. but don’t know the way to decide on the correct barcode scanner? IF you're thinking to shop for a barcode scanner but have some doubts, then this text will facilitate your to clear your doubts. So, without delay let’s start.

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How Barcode Scanner Help in Business

Posted by Nikhil Jangir April 9, 2022, 11:07 am

IF you want to grow your business and Compete With   your competitor, Then your business Need A Useful tool That can help you to grow your business and barcode scanner always be useful in Every Business. Barcodes are the star of commerce. They ’re on our groceries, our Amazon packages, and indeed on some vehicles. These small black bars have come the universal symbol of a purchasable product. So today in this blog we will know about barcode scanner benefits in a business and also we will know how barcode scanner be helpful in business Growth, and increase deals so let’s get started. 

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How barcode scanner enhance your business efficiency

Posted by Junaid Sheikh April 1, 2022, 9:27 am

 Barcode technology has come so wide that numerous consumers take it for granted, but the technology continues to offer multiple benefits in a wide array of businesses. With only some basic printing outfit and a readily available barcode scanner, businesses can use barcode technology for better accuracy, speed, and efficiency without significant charge. Barcode scanners are reduced human error mistakes so in this blog, we will talk about some key points that help us to understand how barcode scanners enhance our business efficiency

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Posted by PHP Developer July 10, 2020, 6:22 am

As COVID-19 moves from a health crisis to an economic crisis, we are trying to anticipate how small businesses around the world will weather this storm and where we need to focus our efforts.

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POS Problems & Solutions

Posted by Ayushi Ayushi August 14, 2018, 6:27 am

Let us face together the general problem we face at the time accessing POS system.

POS Details Not Accepted during 1st Login:- 

Differentiate between regular letters and capital letters and twice check for spelling mistakes. Sometimes we enter space between letters accidentally. Check for the space bar. Still you can’t login look for the customer support.

POS Terminal is not responding:-

Unexpectedly your terminal is not responding, Reboot the terminal. 

To reboot a wired terminal: Turn the device off and then on again.

To reboot wireless terminals: 

Make sure that the terminal is not charging 

Press the red button until screen displays the message "shutting down". 

Press the green button for a short while until the terminal's display is active again.

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Benefits Of Using Online Billing Solution: POS System

Posted by Neeraj Purbia July 3, 2018, 3:48 am

POS online billing Solution is the greatest revolution which billing software had seen till now and it made the billing as easy as eating a pie. POS online billing software improves clarity in your accounting transaction in your business industries. This increases the productivity of industries and also make most of your accounting task easy. It brings your business at a better place and gives you time to make strategies for the betterment of your business. Pegasus provides you POS software which can be managed with ease and easily keep double entry book through online process. These systems are applicable for all small, medium to large level business, entrepreneurs, contractors, and consultants. This software will help you to minimize your manly labor and generate timely reports which will save your time and money.

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Point Of Sale

Posted by June 4, 2018, 10:36 pm

A Point Of Sale System terminal is a device which allows the transfer of funds electrically not only transfer of funds it enables for credit authorization, sales analysis, inventory update, etc. The specialty of Handheld POS system is it is wireless and can be networked to other system and to a server. 

There are basically 2 main categories of POS Terminal:-

  • Stationery POS Terminal 
  • Mobile or Handheld POS Terminal

Why are Handheld POS Terminals popular these days?


  1. Fast
  2. Seamless integration into merchant networks 
  3. Embedded security and device management
  4. Cash replacement niches (mobility, vending machines)

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